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Cell C is a private company in the telecommunications industry which started in November 2001 in competition to the two cellular communication leaders in South Africa at the time. They are the first cellular provider to operate a dual band GSM 900/1800 MHz network.

Cell C is 100% owned by 3C Telecommunications, which is 60% owned by Oger Telecom South Africa, a division of Saudi Oger; 25% owned in an unencumbered holding by CellSAf, (a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment entity representing over 30 black empowerment companies and trusts), and 15% by Lanun Securities SA (Lanun is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Oge Ltd).

Cell C’s network is fully EDGE-enabled and offer GPRS roaming services in over 117 countries. It carries over 87% of its traffic on its own network with the balance catered for by Vodacom, the countries leading cellular service provider. The state of the art HSPA+ network supports speeds up to 21 MB/s and is available in various parts of South Africa.

Cell C now boasts just under seven million subscribers to their simple, innovative, value-for-money products and exceptional customer service.

Cell C offers a wide range of packages and services in addition to their standard prepaid packages and contract packages, such as C-Fax and C-data which allows customers to send and receive faxes and email via their cell phones, laptops or PDA’s. Their dual SIM package permits the use of two mobile phones with separate SIM cards that are linked to each other for customers who need to be contactable wherever they are. They also offer CLIP (calling line identity presentation) to identify the caller before answering and CLIR (calling line identity restriction) to hide your number when calling.

They offer per second and itemised billing for peace of mind on spending as well as SMS packs and top-up airtime which can be added to an existing contract at any time throughout the month. Should customers not use their free minutes during the month, these free minutes are not lost and can be carried over to the following month.

An additional service offered by Cell C is the numberless sim card. This allows customers who have lost their sim card to purchase a sim card and once activated, appreciate the same benefits of the previous sim card.

Cell C’s BlackBerry Internet Service, allows BlackBerry (BB) users to surf the web and send and receive emails from their phones. It is available to Cell C subscribers as a value added service for a monthly fee.
Customers receive unlimited data usage on the BlackBerry handset, including: social networking such as Facebook, BlackBerry Messenger, Twitter, sending and receiving emails, and web browsing.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution provides companies with an in-house mail server which allows mobile workers to access email, such as web based information or a corporate account, wirelessly as well as the standard benefits of the BlackBerry Internet Solution. The benefits of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution include unlimited data usage on the BlackBerry handset and corporate applications such as calendars.

Cell C has partnered with cellular networks around the world to offer access to four maritime services and one satellite network for data roaming services available on 249 roaming partner networks in 112 countries.
All calls made while roaming are charged to the Cell C mobile phone account in South Africa.

As an additional value added service, Cell C offers customers C Cover. For a nominal fee, customers can cover their mobile handset for loss, theft or damage. The additional monthly subscription will be added to your cell phone bill each month.

Their Friends & Family package offers discounted rates on seven most frequently dialed numbers, whether from another network or a fixed national number. This service is available to Cell C subscribers on prepaid packages such as the easychat standard, easychat all day and easychat per second as well as contract packages such as controlchat, casualchat and activechat. These reduced rates allow customers an affordable way to stay in contact.

Since its inception in 2001, Cell C has been a great supporter of sport and social development throughout South Africa working with the youth and communities to develop the talents and potential for the future. They have supported various soccer initiatives since 2006, including Sidlala Sonke, the community soccer tournaments.

Cell C are the sponsors of the Cell C Gospel Concerts, staged in partnership with major radio stations, print and broadcasting partners as well as sponsoring the SABC Crown Gospel Music awards which recognises and rewards gospel artists for their contribution to the music industry within South Africa.

Cell C’s pricing structures and packages offer a suitable option for everyone, with multiple value added services and additional benefits to ensure their customers have the best possible cellular experience.