Are you looking for cellphone contract deals and specials? The great thing about having so many cellphone networks and resellers in South Africa is that there is so much competition and therefore so much choice for you the consumer. As most cellphone contracts will “lock” you in for a certain amount of time, typically 2yrs (24months), there is plenty of incentive for the networks and resellers to offer excellent deals to get you to sign up. Although you may be getting a free cellphone and paying a “low” monthly fee, the lifetime value of each customer is worth so much, that it seems the cellphone contract providers are willing to sign up a customer at an initial loss, knowing that they will make this money back over the lifetime of the customer through upgrades, and additional purchases (such as additional data, SMS or minutes).

The first place to start when looking for cellphone contract deals is with the networks themselves. They (MTN, Cell C, Vodacom, Telkom Mobile and Virgin Mobile) are always competing with special offers and whenever one of them has a great deal, the other networks quickly rush to offer the same if not better deal. This has been especially true with Cell C as they have been extremely aggressive in their promotions and in doing so, have pushed the other networks to be the same. Once you have seen the contract specials that the networks have to offer, the next step is to look and see what the resellers are offering. There are many resellers in South Africa, but the main ones are Dionysus, Nashua Mobile, Cellucity, and Elite Mobile. Have a look at the various cellphone deals they are offering, as they sometimes “share” some of the commission/fee they get paid by the networks with you in terms of offering value adds. These can include getting additional free gifts with your contract, such as laptops, games etc.

Once you have found the contract deal you want (the right cellphone model, and the right combination of SMS, minutes and data), you should call the other networks (i.e. the networks that are not offering that exact deal you want). Ask them if they can beat that deal in terms of the actual monthly fee, or in terms of what you get each month by getting increased minutes, SMS or data. Once you have their offer, go back to the original network that offered the cell phone deal you wanted, and tell them what you have been offered – to give them the chance of beating it. Then simply choose the best offer available to you. This may sound like a lot of work, but really it shouldn’t take you more than a few hours, and the cost savings can be large – just a saving of a hundred or so per month, can result in a massive discount over the lifetime of the contract.

Remember though that the best way and time to look for a cellphone contract deal is just before your existing contract comes to an end. The cost of keeping you is substantially cheaper than the cost of acquiring a new customer, and so the network has a massive incentive to keep you. When your contract is coming to an end give the network a call and see what they can offer you. If you are told that you are already on a good deal and nothing can be done, tell them that they need to beat your current contract deal or you will be cancelling your cellphone contract. This will typically get you transferred to the department which is able to make these offers and are given authority to “do what it takes” to keep you on their network.