Telkom Mobile is offering consumers a chance to experience the speed and performance of their Wi-Fi service between 8 August and 15 December 2013. This forward thinking network is constantly thinking of new ways to expose users to their product to showcase the quality of their service, and this time, it’s a hit! No matter which network they’re with, all South Africans can now access unlimited data within 1 hour per day, on Telkom Mobile’s Wi-Fi via any of the 1500 Wi-Fi hotspots around the country. With over 3000 Wi-Fi hotspots in South Africa, Telkom Mobile are a formidable force in the industry and are by far the largest network in the country.

A list of the numerous Wi-Fi hotpots is available online at, but some of the many places you can expect to find Telkom Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots are participating partners like Primi Piatti, King Pie, McDonalds, Hungry Lion, Wimpy, Steers, Chesanyama and Ocean Basket. The widespread coverage of this free deal is incredible and if you have a device that uses Wi-Fi, (eg. a laptop, handheld gaming console, smartphone or tablet) you should definitely take advantage of Telkom Mobile’s generosity.

In order to opt into the free Wi-Fi offer from Telkom Mobile, all you need to do is sms the word “free” and your email address to 32707 and you will receive login details which you can use to access your 60 minutes of free Wi-Fi – it’s that simple!

The Telkom Group are a leading brand in the communications industry in South Africa and are sure to be around for ages to come. Their innovative strategies and ground breaking thinking are shaking up the industry and is almost guaranteed to make their competition a little nervous! With a firm foundation from the Telkom Group, Telkom Mobile aims to leverage their considerable infrastructure for the benefit of consumers which will hopefully result in happy, satisfied customers.

Telkom Mobile has become the face of the Telkom Group’s cell phone service, rather than 8ta which was recently also launched. If you’re wondering what happened to 8ta, have no fear, they’re due to be re-launched later this year and Telkom Mobile is planning to specifically design 8ta to target the football loving community. There are numerous new products in the pipeline for 8ta customers to look forward to, so keep an eye open for that!

Nevertheless, the Telkom Group’s 3G mobile network continues to expand throughout South Africa and is exceptionally widespread and unquestionably capable of handling a major section of the cell phone market. We can expect to see many new awesome products coming from Telkom Mobile including new voice and data packages.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about the Telkom Mobile expansion, you can visit or contact their call centre on 081 180.

So go ahead and give Telkom Mobile’s free Wi-Fi a try, you might just like it. If not, at least you get some free internet! On the other hand, if you find that you’re happy with it, you should seriously consider signing up with Telkom Mobile, their solid infrastructure and established position in the industry along with widespread coverage are sure to provide you with reasonable service.

The important things to consider when selecting a network are coverage in your area, the reputation of the company and the package that suits your requirements. Telkom Mobile are currently excelling in all three of these categories and as a result, they’re sure to be a trustworthy choice for years to come.

If you’re considering different networks, this free Wi-Fi trial period is the perfect way to try Telkom Mobile out to see if they can handle your requirements. If not, you haven’t lost anything, but if so, you’ll be happy you found the right choice for you!