Vodacom, one of the top networks in South Africa, is also one of the most innovative and bold corporations when it comes to offering unquestionable value along with unmatched service. One of the newest offerings from this popular network is the Vodacom My 5 service which offers you one hour of talk time to your closes 5 Vodacom friends, unlimited sms’s to any network and daily data allocation from just R6! So basically you can call 5 friends for 60 minutes, sms all day to any network and get 20MB of data for just R12! You can also just opt in for the 5 friends for 60 minutes and all day sms’s for R8, or alternately just opt in for the 5 friends for 60 minutes for just R6. The choice is yours, and should depend on your usage and which plan suits you best!
This means the connection with those close friends and family that you’re in contact with on a daily basis is so much more affordable! It’s not fair that you have to pay more for maintaining your closest relationships, Vodacom has heard consumers here and they’ve answered with an absolute bargain! No excuses not to call mum anymore though!
If you are already a Vodacom 4 Less customer, all you need to do is opt in and link up to 5 on net numbers to enjoy these great discounts. Plus, you can add on as many bundles as you like, every day!
In order to opt in, follow the following easy steps:
If you’re not sure of which price plan you’re on, to check you can simply dial *111#, reply 7 for My Vodacom Services and reply 1 for a free change.
To link the numbers of your top 5 contacts, they must first be Vodacom Prepaid, Top Up or Contract customers. Dial *111#, reply 2 for buy bundles and services, reply 1 for my 5 bundles and reply 4 for link friends, then follow the instructions to link the numbers.
To buy a my 5 bundle of Vodacom to Vodacom minutes or a combination of minutes, sms’s and data, dial *111#, reply 2 for buy bundles and services, reply 1 for my 5 bundles and choose your my 5 bundle.
The savings you can make by simply switching your price plan are tremendous and can really make an impact to your cell phone budget, so don’t wait an over-priced minute longer!
Even if you aren’t a Vodacom customer yet, I’m sure most of us can appreciate the value they’re offering here. The majority of phone calls and sms’s people make are to a special 5 contacts which means we’re using the majority of our airtime on those contacts alone! Telkom mobile did have a similar package when they first started, which offered free calls to certain numbers. The idea is really unique and adds so much value and hopefully it is going to be offered by many more networks in the future.
Unfortunately, specials like this usually have a limited time period, which means you should jump onto them while they’re still available and get the most out of them before they’re gone! So opt in and start saving!
If you are having any difficultly figuring out how to opt in, or if you don’t fully understand the deal, you can contact Vodacom directly and they will be more than happy to talk you through it all. Don’t be shy, ask questions and you’ll be saving in no time!
With this deal, Vodacom have lived up to their great reputation for great value and exceptional service. This well trusted network is sure to be able to provide a reliable package for a variety of customers with different needs and wants. By choosing Vodacom, you are choosing a reputable network that numerous South Africans have found trustworthy, user friendly and second to none – you’re sure of a great deal!