Smart and snazzy, the LG Optimus G Pro, is one of the latest phones on the market and already has consumers chomping at the bit to get one! With similar styling to most smart phones, this compact, sleek gadget is a sharing machine- giving you an immersive and expansive display, state of the art camera, powerful processing and user friendly interface. Key features included in the phone are the popular Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system, 4Lite internet capability, 3,140 maH battery power, 13MP full HD camera with dual recording and dual camera, Quick Memo, dual screen dual play and Android Beam. This exceptional phone will have you hooked from the start and should be taken seriously as a top competitor in the current cell phone market.

Cell C is currently offering packages on the LG Optimus G Pro smart phone. This network is a reliable and trustworthy company which has won over a major section of the South African market through providing exceptional customer service and a variety of value packed deals. With one of the fastest internet connections in the country, you are sure of getting the most out of the great little gadget.

To get this great little phone with Cell C, you can get the Straight Up 100 for R369 per month which includes 100 airtime minutes, 100 sms’s/mms’s and 400MB of data. By upgrading or signing up for this deal you could win 1 of 100 LG docking stations. Listed below are a few of the deals Cell C is offering on different phones to give you an idea of how the deal compares to others.

A comparable deal would be the Samsung Galaxy SIII on Straight Up 100 for R329 per month which includes the same airtime and sms’s/mms’s as the LG deal, but just 100MB of data.

Another comparable deal from Cell C would be the Apple iPhone 6 16GB on Straight Up 100 for R399 per month which includes the same minutes, sms’s/mms’s and data as the LG deal.

As you can see, the extra data included in the LG deal really adds value, as this is a smart phone, you will more than likely be using it extensively for internet browsing, downloads and applications, so getting the data at a discount is really worth it! Granted, the phone isn’t as sought after as the iPhone or the Galaxy SIII, but for no reason other than their brand names. So if you’re not tied down by labels, you can save yourself a little extra cash here. On the other hand, LG is still a great brand name, so even if you are concerned with brand names, be original and get something that’s a little different than what your friends have – without compromising on performance. The Android operating system is also offered on the Galaxy SIII, so you’re basically getting the same phone. The iPhone operating system is a little limiting if you don’t have any other Apple products, because you can’t sync it as easily with other devices as you’d like – so you’ll need to take that into consideration.

Before signing up for any cell phone contract, you should be careful to ensure you consider all of the options and choose the right deal for your requirements. If you’re making more calls than sms’s, you need to factor that in – your usage will affect the type of contract that suits you best. If you have questions or would like some advice, contact your closest Cell C dealer to see what they would advise. They have very helpful staff who are fully trained to help with your queries and can assist you with your decision. Don’t feel rushed into making a decision, 24 months is a long time and it’s a big commitment, especially if you’re paying too much or getting too little out of the deal!