Nashua Mobile is an independent telecommunications solutions provider is South Africa providing a range of offerings including Broadband, Internet service provision and mobile Data through to messaging and cellular voice solutions.

The company is one of South Africa’s largest independent cellular solutions providers, offering customers the best of all three networks (Vodacom, MTN and Cell C). Headquartered in Midrand, Gauteng, Nashua Mobile has 300 selling partners strategically placed across South Africa to provide ease of access to their services and products.

Nashua’s products and services include cellular and voice services such as insurance, split billing, cessions, loan phones and tariff or network migration; messaging services such as Smartmail, IMS and EDD; Mobile internet services such as broadband, 3G HSDPA and ADSL; ISP services such as hosting, domain registration and server farming.

Additionally, Nashua Mobile offers customers online account management and a world class e-billing solution on their website at This is a first of its kind in the cellular market in South Africa and is the same solution used globally by some of the international leaders.
Customers can view their bills online with details usually viewable within 24 hours of having made a call. Bills can be grouped and sorted by number dialled, cost per call or region and reports created and downloaded from the site.
Other Web tools on the website include the ability for customers to change their services online or request new services, the latest information about new technologies and new cellular products on the market and updates on NashuaĆ­s latest offerings.

Nashua provides a number of access points to their services via their centralised call centre number and support desk, at one of their stores nationwide or via their call back feature on the website.

The choice of cellular concepts available on the market today can be overwhelming for the technically challenged, making it difficult to choose the right package and handset to your needs. Nashua offers guides to assist their customers in understanding a number of cellular concepts including international roaming, migrations, stolen phones, phone repairs, warranties and choosing the right package for your needs as well as a basic Cellphone 101 guide to understanding the jargon associated with cellular communication.

Nashua provides expert, impartial advice to match the network and handset package to their customer’s needs.
Their choice of hardware includes top branded models including Nokia, Siemens, LG, BlackBerry, i-Mate and HTC as well as a wide choice of genuine accessories for the handsets. They also offer a range of modems and data cards for both fixed line and wireless internet access.

Nashua’s business solutions are structured to provide entrepreneurs and large corporations with a suite of exclusive tools geared to match the deal to the business needs and not the business needs to the packages available.

Nashua offers the best services and packages form each of the networks including subscription contract packages, hybrid contract packages and data packages.
Nashua’s partnership with the converged telecommunications operator, Neotel, has added a new range of fixed line and fixed wireless solutions such as NeoConnect, a home consumer portfolio of services offering voice, data and SMS on one device and the Neoflex voice service which is based on a CDMA 1X device connecting PBX systems for use by SME’s.

Nashua Mobile internet offers a full portfolio of internet access offerings including fixed line ADSL powered by Verizon, wireless broadband from iBurst and Sentech as well as the mobile data technologies from all three national networks, providing Nashua customers with the widest choice of internet access options in one place.

Nashua’s long standing history in South Africa secures their position as one of the leading independent cellular communication providers in the country providing world class products and value added services that ensure their customers receive the best possible solution to suit their voice and data needs.