The iPhone 5S was officially launched/announced by Apple on the 12 September (2013), and is the upgraded version of the very popular iPhone 5. In a similar way that the iPhone 4S was an upgraded version of the iPhone 4, the 5S follows the same route. It looks identical to the iPhone 5, but the internal hardware is a definite upgrade. These means you have a substantially faster processor and the ability to watch and use much higher graphics.
The camera has also been upgraded also also includes the ability to take slow motion video footage. The biggest upgrade though is the fingerprint scanner. This sits on the circle “home” button, and can be used to unlock your phone as well as for buying items on itunes instead of having to enter your itunes credentials.
As soon the networks have announced the iPhone 5S contract deals in South Africa, we will publish a link to them on this page, so stay tuned. We’ll also do the same for any iPhone 5C contract deals we are able to find in South Africa.