Looking for Cell C Contract Specials and Deals? Since Cell C relaunched and rebranded itself, they have been promoting specials all over the show. One of the most talked about Cell c deals has been their 3G data special. With this special Cell C are offering two USB data sticks. The first costs R1499 and gives you 24GB for the year. This is distributed to you in 2GB per month. It works out to cost R62.5 per gig. The second option is the 60GB USB data stick for R2999. This gives you 5GB per month for 12 months and works out to be R50 per gig. The gigs from one month are not transferable to the next, so it’s best to use all of your allocation for the month, or else it is wasted. If you do run out, then you can top up the data with pay-as-u-go bundles. These are however charged at a higher amount that the initial deal bundles. Overall, this is a very good deal and is another option apart from contract and pay-as-u-go, as you have paid upfront for the whole year, but it is not like a typical contract. You can find all of the latest Cell C contracts here