blackberry 9320 contractsThe snazzy new Blackberry 9320 would make any tech savvy person cheerful – it’s sleek, classical Blackberry features and seamless design make this great phone a must have. This trendy gadget includes specifications like the 3.2MP camera with geotagging, easy to use QWERTY keyboard, optical trackpad, awesome audio and video and top quality screen display. Although Blackberry has had a bad rap lately, this phone still offers everything you want from a smartphone, including convenience, efficiency and reliability. The QWERTY keyboard is more user friendly than touch screens, and Blackberry lovers will be thrilled with all the new features this new edition offers.

All three of the major networks in South Africa, Vodacom, MTN and Cell C are offering contracts for the Blackberry 9320, in a variety of different packages and price ranges. When looking for a cell phone contract, it’s always advisable to choose a network that is reliable, well known, and offers wide coverage throughout the country. This helps when travelling, so you are always assured of good service and can use your phone wherever you are. You want a company you can trust – if your phone is stolen or breaks, you want to know that you can trust them to endeavour to help you out. With a smaller network you lose out on these advantages and can easily become the victim of bad administration.

At Vodacom, you can get the Top Up 99 Vodacom 4 Less package for R169 per month for 24 months which includes R99 inclusive airtime, R2.60 per minute billing for Vodacom to Vodacom calls, R2.89 per minute billing for Vodacom to other networks, 80c per sms during peak hours and 35c per sms during off peak hours.

Cell C currently has 9 different deals on this great gadget. These are the 2 entry level packages at R129 per month on the Straight Up 50 deal, the Straight Up 100 deal for R169 per month, the Straight Up 400 for R400 per month, the Straight Up 800 deal for R800 per month, the Straight Up Infinity deal for R999 per month, the 99c For Real prepaid contract for R1999 per month and finally the Red Bull Mobile prepaid contract for R2099 per month. As you can see, Cell C has a wide range of deals to suit a variety of requirements and wallets.

MTN also has a wide range of packages, including the R179 per month 24 month contract which includes R100 airtime, BIS and 24 sms’s. For other great deals from MTN, you can visit their website at, visit them in store or give them a call to see what else is available.

Whichever of these contracts you choose, consider a few of the following questions in order to specify exactly which package fits your lifestyle best. Do you use your phone much for internet browsing and downloads? How much can you afford to spend each month on your cellphone? How many calls and sms’s do you make each month? If you are having any trouble answering these questions you can call a customer care centre of any of the networks above and ask their recommendations. Their staff are helpful and happy to assist with advising what products would best suit your lifestyle. You don’t want a contract that you don’t use fully each month, and alternatively you don’t want a package that you have to keep topping up (at exorbitant out of bundle rates!).

Once you’ve chosen the contract that you’d like, make sure that you speak to the representative about any concerns or queries you have so you can get the low down on all the fine print before you’re committed! Most contracts are 24 months long – that’s a long time to be paying too much or getting too little!