A data package is a set amount of data that you can use on a mobile device each month for a set monthly fee. In South Africa there are numerous networks which offer data packages on contract which provide reliable internet at reasonable rates. When selecting a network, it is vital to choose one which is reliable and trusted in the industry. The most popular and reliable networks which currently provide such packages are Vodacom, CellC and Mtn. Below is a breakdown of the best contract packages available over these three networks.
Vodacom is currently running a special offer which includes 2GB plus an extra 2GB which you can use during certain off peak times, for only R149. This contract is a 24 month deal which offers internet on standard reliable broadband and includes a free USB modem which you use to connect. Other contracts on offer from Vodacom are based on a sliding scale starting from a miniscule 10MB for R9, escalating upwards as follows: 30MB for R25; 100MB for R49; 250MB for R99; 175MB for R129; 500MB for R149; 2Gigs for R149; 2.5Gigs for R469; 3Gigs for R565; 5Gigs for R945; and 10Gigs for R1,845. As you can see, Vodacom offers a huge range of deals tailor made for different needs. There is no question that this is one of the best options when it comes to data packages.
Cell C boasts one of the fastest internet networks currently available in South Africa, with a high speed HSPA+ network with a 900MHz frequency. Data plans currently available on this network start from as little as R39 per month for 500MB of data and escalate as follows: R69 for 1GB; R99 for 2GB; R169 for 3GB; R770 for 5GB; R499 for 10GB and R999 for 20GB. As you can see, the prices are much lower than Vodacom’s and considering that CellC is a reliable and well respected name in the industry, signing a data contract with CellC seems like a great option. However, you must be sure to double, even triple check that you get good coverage in your area so that you are assured of the very best value for money.
Mtn currently offers 3 different types of 24 month contracts for data packages. The first is a 3GB package for R299 per month with a bonus of 2 free GBs. Secondly on offer is the 5GB contract for R499 per month which includes 4GB of bonus data. Lastly is the 10GB package which gets you 8 free GB’s for R899 per month. Mtn is a reliable network with ample coverage throughout South Africa, so you are sure of good service – although it is important to note that out of bundle charges are extremely high, so be very cautious!
Before committing to either of these packages, remember to make sure you have read through the contract thoroughly and you understand all of the costs you will be liable for and how much data you are entitled to. You should also always be careful to ensure you don’t go over your data package, as there are often hefty charges for this and it can get you into a difficult situation.
If you aren’t sure of how much data you require, don’t be afraid to ask each network for their advice. They are usually more than happy to assist and can offer very good advice concerning what your usage may be. It’s always better to find the right contract that suits you because it can you can end up spending more on a package you aren’t using, or alternatively you can end up paying more than you need to for data if you keep going over your allocation.