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Vodacom is an expert cellular communications company providing a GSM service in South Africa, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho and Mozambique making it Africa’s leading cellular network boasting an estimated 57% share of the South African market and a network of nearly 64 000 base stations.

Vodacom Group and Vodacom SA were incorporated in South Africa in 1993 as a joint venture between Telkom, Vodafone and VenFin Limited (“VenFin”) to launch one of Africa’s first GSM networks in South Africa in 1994 and were the first cellular network to launch GPRS and MMS in South Africa in 2002 and 3G in South Africa in 2004.

The Vodacom Group provides a wide range of communications products and services, including voice, messaging, broadband and data connectivity, and converged services as well as converged business network and related IT services to the enterprise market.

Vodacom SA offers subscription, prepaid, value added voice and data services, as well as Vodacom Business services.
Their contract or subscription services range from Hybrid packages on a month to month contract or Business call packages for business customers. International roaming is also available to contract subscribers.

Their prepaid services are a highlight in Vodacom’s history being the first network to introduce prepaid airtime to the world. Prepaid airtime allows customersí accounts to be debited while they are speaking which is one of the most popular cellular choices worldwide.
There are four prepaid options: Vodago, Smartstep, 4U and Yebo4less as well as optional prepaid international roaming on prepaid packages.

Vodacom SA also provide a sustainable business model for entrepreneurs with community telephone units for communities with limited access to telephone services. Over 100 000 subsidised Vodacom SA community telephones have been installed in South Africa in phone shops run by entrepreneurs.

The Vodacom SA network is one of the biggest providers of cellular data services in South Africa. Such technologies include 3G, HSPDA and HSUPA, WI-MAX and WI-FI services and Vodacom SAís data tariffs now rank amongst the lowest in the world. Vodacom’s 3G service has been upgraded to HSDPA 3.6 and HSUPA.

Vodacom offer a superb IT infrastructure that allows customers to get their phone upgrades, repairs or any other assistance Vodashop, Vodacare or Vodacom 4U stores.

Vodacom were the first to release the BlackBerry to South Africa. BlackBerry offer one of the industry-leading wireless solutions for push email and internet access on the go offering an all-in-one package with state of the art push technology, data compression and security. BlackBerry requires no dial-up to retrieve emails using an always-on, always connected Vodacom Data network.

Vodacom also offer a number of additional services to address the needs of their customers. Services such as My Minutes, allows customers to purchase a talk time bundle, either once off or on a recurring monthly option, without having to change their contract bundle. The My Minutes options are available on Blackberry Talk 100, Blackberry Talk 240, Blackberry Talk 500, iPhone 120, iPhone 240, iPhone 500, Smart Talk 120, Smart Talk 500, Talk 120,Talk 130, Talk 200, Talk 240, Talk 350, Talk 500 and Talk 1000 packages.

Another additional subscription service offered by Vodacom is the Night Shift package which is available to Prepaid and Top Up customers only. It allows Vodacom customers to get 60 minutes free calls to Vodacom customers for 7 days from midnight to 5am with two options: R10 for 7 days or R30 for 30 days.

Vodacomís International Roaming services allows customers to make use of their cell phones while travelling overseas. Their partnership with Vodafone provides the widest international roaming services with a choice of options.

‘M-PESA’ is a Swahili term for ‘mobile money’. Vodacom M-PESA allows customers to transfer e-money to others at authorised M-PESA outlets which can then be exchanged for cash without the need for a bank account.
M-PESA outlets include Vodashop, 4U Stores and selected retailers and supermarkets.

Vodacom’s new COLOR is a youth movement for under 25′s which allows customers to register and create, share and communicate like never before. This service provides 15 MMSs every 30 days, 15 SVSs every 30 days, 3MB data FREE every 30 days, a free email address and daily news updates.
The options available include: COLOR UR FRIENDS which provides100 SMSs and FREE data up to 100MB; COLOR UR PLAY which includes 2 Premium Game downloads at discounted prices and COLOR UR TUNES which allows customers to receive unlimited music downloads from local and international artists.

As South Africa’s leading cellular provider, Vodacom has developed their packages and networks and boasts a large offering of products and services to suit the needs of their customers, with a wide array of value added services and products to enhance their cellular experience. Their easy to use website, stores and outlets thoughout South Africa provides easy access for customers.

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