Looking for an internet package that suits your needs? Mtn has a whole bunch! Mtn is a well-known and established network in South Africa and offers customers reliable service throughout the country. Their wide range of cell phone and internet packages illustrates the diversity of their service and their customers. Whether you require a package that gets you a large amount of data or a price that suits your budget, Mtn is sure to have something for everyone! Have a look at the packages below which are currently on offer with Mtn.

First up is the 300Mb package which costs R149 per month for 24 months and is ideally suited for users who are on the internet on a regular basis. Out of bundle rates on this deal are charged at 50c per MB.

Next we have the 500MB package for R49 per month for 24 months. This package is at such a low price because it’s on promotion – so grab it quick! Out of bundle rates for this deal are charged at 38c per MB.

If you need a larger package, they have the 1GB deal for R79 per month for 24 months. This deal is also on promotion – yay! Out of bundle rates for this deal are charged at 29c per MB.

They have a 2GB package for R119 per month for 24 months, also on promotion. This amount of data is best suited for users who use the internet quite a lot. The out of bundle rate for this package is 29c per MB.

The 3GB package is R299 per month for 24 months. This package is on a special promotion which includes 2GB free! This package is perfect for people who live on the internet! Out of bundle rates are charged at 29c per MB.

For those who live and work on the internet, there is the 5GB package which costs R499 per month for 24 months. Out of bundle rates are 29c per MB. This package is also on a special promotion which includes 4GB of extra data!

If you want to really challenge your internet usage abilities, there is the ultimate, 10GB package for R899 per month for 24 months which has out of bundle rates charged at 29c per MB. Also on special promotion, this deal includes 8GB extra data! Web addicts, eat your hearts out!

As you can see, Mtn have exceeded themselves with these current offers! The wide range and great prices are sure to meet any and all requirements! Be sure to take a package that caters for all your needs, as the out of bundle rates can add up quickly if you aren’t careful, so it’s best to choose a package that adequately covers your normal usage. If you’re not sure about how much internet you need, you can call Mtn or talk to someone in store; they are ready and willing to assist with all your queries and are able to give the best advice as to what package will best suit you.

Signing up for an internet package is a big commitment, though, so be sure to shop around at other networks in order to ensure you are really getting the best value and service for your money. It’s best to go with a network that is trusted in the industry, that has great coverage and that you feel totally comfortable with. Before signing any contracts, take your time to ensure you understand everything and that you are aware of your obligations and your rights. This will help you to be fully prepared to manage your contract.

With that said, enjoy your browsing and have fun with your new internet package!