Cell phone networks are always offering new and exciting deals for consumers. Although very exciting, they’re not always very clear, and deciding what type of contract would suit you best is often quite a daunting task as different contracts can be quite different. Currently Vodacom is offering a new range of cell phone contracts called its Red contracts which promises to cut out the confusion with the offer of limitless talk and text, which means you don’t have to keep track of how much you’re using, because you’ll never run out.
The Vodacom Limitless Red promotion runs from 19 May – 6 August 2013, so if you don’t want to miss out, you’d better make your move!
The three different plans are:
The Red Advantage, at R999 per month which includes 700 anytime minutes of call air time, limitless sms’s and 1000MB of data.
The Red Premium, at R1599 per month which includes 1200 anytime minutes of call air time, limitless sms’s and 1600MB of data.
The Red VIP at R1999 per month which includes limitless minutes of call air time, limitless sms’s and 2000MB of data.
The benefits included in the offer include the limitless air time and sms’s, meaning you won’t run out of calls or sms’s mid-month. The internet bundle is huge, so you can say goodbye to topping that up each month, you can download and surf to your heart’s content – in fact, the first 2 months internet is free! Also included in the deal is data sharing with multi data sim, you get up to 2 free additional SIM cards that you can link to the same data bundle (which can be useful if you have a PC or tablet).
The internet available through Vodacom is one of the best in the country, with high speed and consistent connectivity with their 3G internet and LTE, you are sure of a good reliable experience every time. Vodacom also offers great signal throughout the country – even in the most remote regions, so even when travelling around you know you’ll have reliable service.
Vodacom’s policy is to ensure that each customer is on the right plan for their budget and usage – they will be up front with you about what contract is best for you. So if you’re unsure about your cell phone requirements, the experts at Vodacom are happy to assist.
The other great thing about this limitless deal is that you always have access to the latest smart phone available. So when your phone becomes outdated, you can simply trade it in for a later model of smart phone quickly and conveniently at a Vodacom outlet via the in store buy–back programme. This is a first in South Africa and assures customers of an up to date phone, all the time!
Vodacom also offers helpful apps that you can access using your smart phone. If you’ve lost your cellphone before, or if it’s ever been stolen, you’ll know what a nightmare it is to lose all of your personal information. Vodacom has a special app called Vodafone Protect which you can load that helps to protect your personal information. They also have an app which you can use to monitor and control content accessed on your children’s phones called the Vodafone Guardian app. A Cloud Storage app is coming soon which will enable you to store documents, contacts and photographs. If you aren’t very techno savvy, Vodacom has experts available 24/7 to help you to set it up with email, social media and any apps you would like.
Whenever considering different cell phone contracts, it is important to think about what you specifically need. Each contract is geared towards a different type of consumer, based on their needs and budget, so knowing what you require will help you to know which contract suits you best. Before signing anything, be sure to shop around for the deal that fits best. 24 months is a long time, so you want to be sure!