iPhone has already won over tons fans globally, and with the introduction of the new iPhone 5, fans are sure to be wowed once again! The fun, trendy design that one has come to expect from an iPhone is present, as well as numerous new features including a 4 inch Retina display, ultra fast wireless, faster performance and better graphics thanks to an A6 chip, iSight camera which shoots in panorama and the iOS operating system that consumers can’t get enough of.
South African cellphone providers are right on trend, offering numerous contracts for the iPhone 5. Comparing different contracts is a good way to decide which the best deal is for you. Listed below are the cellphone contracts that are Vodacom is providing.
Next up is the Smart S contract at R439 per month is a 24 month contract which includes 75 inclusive minutes, 75MB of data, 150 inclusive sms’s, domestic calls charged at R1.75 per minute. This is the entry level contract and is ideal if you want a contract that offers value for money with the added bonus of a fantastic phone.
Thirdly Vodacom is offering the Smart M contract at R569 per month. This is a 24 month contract which offers 120 inclusive minutes, 120MB of data and 240 inclusive sms’s with calls charged at R1.75 per minute. A medium contract for the average consumer, this package is ideal if you’re using it regularly for both calls and sms’s as well as to browse the internet.
The Smart L contract at R699 per month for 24 months includes 250 inclusive minutes, 250MB of data and 500 inclusive sms’s. Calls on this package are charged at a lower rate of R1.50 per minute, so if you’re calling a lot, you might want to consider upgrading to a package like this. This contract is geared for those who need to call a lot during the month, especially those using their phones for work. Having a contract like this that caters for your needs may be more expensive initially, however, it pays off in the long run. If you are on a smaller contract and exceed your allocated bundle, the out of bundle charges can be hefty and quickly add up.
The Red Advantage contract at R1,099 per month for 24 months includes 700 inclusive minutes, 700MB of data and limitless sms’s with calls charged at R1.25 per minute. More expensive, this contract is ideal for people spending this amount already as it caters for a large volume of calls charged at a lower rate.
R1,999 per month for the Red VIP 24 month contract is at the top of the range. The deal includes limitless minutes, 1500MB of data and limitless sms’s. This contract is for people who live and work on their phones. If you are spending this amount on your phone bill regularly, this contract will probably work best for you, however if you aren’t, don’t just go for it before you see what else is out there.
Other cellphone service providers in South Africa currently offering the iPhone 5 include Cell C, MTN and Virgin Mobile. In comparison, the other networks provide similar packages, although with Vodacom there is the added peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are a trusted name in the industry. Vodacom has one of the fastest internet services available in South Africa and widespread signal, even in remote regions. Smaller networks may be less reliable and harder to work with.
When considering which contract to go with it’s important to remember to take your time and think about what your requirements are, how much you can afford and what cell phone you like. Knowing this in advance gives you a good idea of what contract best suits you. Cell phone contracts usually last 24 months, and once you’re committed it’s difficult to get out of one of them, so be sure to weigh up all the options before signing anything!