Vodacom has established itself firmly in the South African market as one of the best networks by consistently providing innovative, efficient service to its customers for years. The widespread coverage offered by Vodacom along with their competitive pricing and speedy internet connection has improved their standing and ensured a bright future for this impressive network. Vodacom customers can now also benefit from their Smart Price Plans, which include simple, complete smartphone price plans for everyone. This new service is stress free, convenient and reasonably priced.

Smart plans offer more value because they include additional data each month of the 24 month contract period and with Smart S and Smart M plans, you also get more sms’s included in the deal. This new Smart S plan was implemented in June 2013 and looks like it will be around for a while. The added value has already attracted consumers and its obviously working because they’re selling like hot cakes!

Vodacom Smart Price Plans range from entry level to high use contracts, so they’re tailor made to fit into a variety of different lifestyles, whether you’re getting your first phone contract, or you’re a phone addict. The four types of smart price plans start from R199 per month and don’t exceed R699 per month. Listed below is a breakdown of costs and inclusions for the Smart Price Plans from Vodacom.

The Smart Light Price Plan is R135 per month and includes 75 off-peak minutes, 100MB of data and 100 sms’s.

The Small Smart Price Plan is R199 per month and includes 75 anytime minutes, 200 sms’s and 200MB of data.

The Medium Smart Price Plan costs R299 per month and includes 120 anytime minutes, 300 sms’s and 300MB of data.

The Large Smart Price Plan costs R499 per month and includes 250 anytime minutes, 500 sms’s and 500MB of data.

The XL Smart Price Plan costs R699 per month and includes 400 anytime minutes, 800 sms’s and 800MB of data.

Another great advantage offered by the Smart Price plans is the flexibility to add to your package if your needs change, whether you require more data, minutes or sms’s. This added benefit gives you the space to change things as you need to.

It can sometimes be pretty intimidating when you see all the network jargon, to select a package that suits your needs. Vodacom has a helpful and friendly customer service centre that is sure to allay any fears and answer any questions you have. The best way to get help would be either to visit a Vodacom store and ask them in person, or call them up and ask for advice. Their staff are renowned for their helpful assistance and willingness to provide excellent service.

As a guideline, you should probably take some time first to think carefully about what your requirements are. Think about whether you use the internet on your phone or not; if you make many phone calls; if you sms’s much; if you have a smartphone that requires many downloads, etc. These kinds of questions will give you a clear indication of what you specifically need. With these answers in mind, you can pinpoint contracts that cater to your needs. This clarity will help you on your way to finding a contract that fits your lifestyle.

One of the Smart Plan packages from Vodacom is likely to catch your eye, as they are varied enough to be tailor made to your needs and offer real value for money at competitive rates. The flexibility of their packages along with the convenience of having internet, talk and sms’s all in one package gives you the freedom to enjoy your phone to the fullest.