Vodacom is renowned as one of the most reliable and innovative networks in South Africa. With consistently great service and excellent deals, this competitive network is constantly striving to offer consumers better value for money. Vodacom has so many different contracts that sometimes it’s hard to choose just one – and on top of that, Vodacom has a few competitions where you can win some awesome prizes! Currently the competitions running are the Blackberry Q5 competition and the Nokia Lumia 720 competition.

First up, the BlackBerry Q5 Competition, where you can win this awesome phone is a pretty simple quiz where you answer questions about the device to enter and then hope and pray that you win. The Blackberry Q5 isn’t just a phone, it’s everything a techno savvy person could want at your fingertips. With a 3.1″, IPS LCD Display, 720×720 Resolution At 329 PPI, Blackberry 10.1 OS, Hot Swappable Micro SD Slot, Dual Core Processor 1.2GHZ, 5MP Rear Facing Camera, Auto Focus, 5xDigital Zoom, 1080P HD Video Recording, LED Flash, 2MP Front Facing Camera, 3xDigital Zoom, Embedded 2180 Mah Battery, 720p HD Video Recording,  you can see this phone has it all!

Next is the Nokia Lumia 720 competition, which closes on the 27th of August. Much like the other competition, entries require a quick quiz and you’re in. This trendy phone also comes with a wireless charging plate and charging shelf – which is simply awesome! Specifications include a 4.3” IPS, LCD touch screen, with super sensitive touch, a 6.7MP camera, 2G talk time, 3G standby time, 79 hours music playback time and wireless charging. This phone is sleek, light and bright and is sure to stand out from the crowd. The camera has a wide angle lens that’s perfect for video chatting, and the phone comes with photo effects for all those profile pics! One of the best features is the Mix Radio which streams to the radio for free and the Gig Finder finds events nearby. If you’re into music, this phone will not disappoint! You can even hook it up to a wireless charging speaker – simple, sleek and elegant!

Both of these competitions require that entrants are South African residents, and entrants must be 18 years or older. Winners will be randomly selected after the end date of the competition and winners will be notified within two weeks of the end date of the competition.  Whether you’re after a real prize or just want some fun, don’t miss out, you could be a winner!

Vodacom is constantly running competitions, so keep your eyes peeled and enter when you can – who knows, you might just win something awesome! This fun innovative company has so much going for it and is sure to win loads of fans with all the great prizes they’re always dishing out. So why not get in line and enter a competition today?! It takes less than 5 minutes to enter and may have you jumping for joy at what you’ve won.

Vodacom strives to serve their customers with the best available deals and if you’re looking for a network that’s reliable, they are a great choice! They have widespread coverage throughout South Africa and have one of the quickest internet connections in the country. The best thing about Vodacom is their quick, efficient, friendly service that you can rely on to get you what you want on time, every time. Give them a call and they’ll be more than happy to give you whatever advice you need, whether you require a phone or internet access. Their customer care lines are constantly  open, but you can also visit them in store or else visit their website on www.vodacom.co.za.