Arguably the world’s best producer of smart phones, iPhone, has now introduced new iPhone 5. With innovative new features and trendy design, the iPhone 5 is selling quickly! The phone now offers new features including a 4 inch Retina display, ultra fast wireless, faster performance and better graphics thanks to an A6 chip, iSight camera which shoots in panorama and the iOS operating system that has taken the world by storm. An iPhone 5 is definitely the must have gadget of smart phones – everyone wants one!
Here in South Africa, there are numerous cell phone networks offering contracts for this great new phone – and Cell C is currently offering a wide range of affordable and diverse contracts, which we’ve listed below.
At R399, the Straight Up 100 S4 package is a 24 month contract. The cheapest package available at Cell C for the iPhone 5, this package is geared towards entry level consumers – it’s the cheapest easiest way to get the iPhone 5! If your children are begging you for an iPhone, this is probably the best way to go. See all cell c contract deals
Next in line is the Straight Up 200, which is 24 months long and costs R529 per month. The deal includes 200 minutes, 200 sms’s and 1024MB of data. If you’re using your phone for data more than phoning, this is a great deal for you, without having to pay extra, you’re still getting the same amount of data that you would with a bigger package.
Slightly further up the scale, Cell C is also offering the Straight Up 400 contract is a great deal at R679 per month over 24 months includes 400 minutes, 400 sms’s and 1024MB of data. This package specifically works better if you use a huge amount of data but also call lots; it’s a great balance of both worlds.
And finally, at the top of the list, for R939 per month, the Straight Up 800 package with 24 month contract which includes 800 minutes, 800 sms’s and 1024MB of data. This package is most effective for those who use their phones to call and sms more than anything else. If you use your phone for business and call people all the time, this is probably the package for you.
All Cell C contract customers receive 99c per minute on per second billing, discounted rates on Cell C to Cell C calls and one of the fastest internet services in the country. Cell C is one of the 3 main cell phone service providers in South Africa and offers widespread service throughout the country. It’s better to go with a trusted name in the industry, as you don’t want to be caught without a phone suddenly! Currently the best companies in South Africa are Mtn, Vodacom and Cell C, so those are great places to start looking for good contracts.
If you are still considering different service providers and different contracts, be sure to think about your own needs before getting bogged down in the details of each offer available. This will give you a clear indication of what will suit you best. For example, if you are getting a contract for your child, it may be a good idea to get a contract with less internet and more talk time, as they primarily would need the phone for calling you to pick them up! On the other hand, if you’re using the phone for internet mostly, look out for a deal that offers more data at a better rate. If you have this information before you contact a service provider, you will be much better prepared to find a contract that suits you. Networks are very happy to help with advising customers on which packages are best suited to their needs and budget – so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you’re shopping around!