Vodacom is having a sale – catch it quick before it’s gone! This innovative network has done it again and has come up with competitive rates that attract your excitement without ruining your budget. This August, Vodacom is offering discounts on BlackBerry and Samsung smart phones. If you sign up for one of these deals, it includes a free sim and connection (saving you a nice R202!), 14 day money back guarantee and free next day delivery if you order before 12pm! Listed below are the discounts you can get with the Vodacom August sale.

You can get a Blackberry Q10 on a Smart S Price Plan which was originally priced at R399, now it’s just R379 per month – this deal offers you a great phone for a reasonable price.

The Blackberry Z10 is available on the Smart S Price Plan, which was reduced from R359 to R329 per month – this is also a great phone and the price fits even better into the budget.

The snazzy new Samsung Galaxy S3, everyone’s must have gadget, which was priced at R299, is now R249 per month.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE, previously R389 on the Smart S Plan, is now R389 per month.

You can get the Blackberry 9320 smartphone which comes with a Bluetooth headset and car charger, previously priced at R179 on the Top Up 99 Price Plan, reduced now to R169 per month.

The Blackberry 9790 with BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) has been reduced from R299 to R249 per month on the Top Up 200 Price Plan.

Smart plans offer more value because they include additional data each month of the 24 month contract period and with Smart S and Smart M plans, you also get more sms’s included in the deal. Another advantage of the Smart Price plans is the flexibility to add to your package if your needs change – if you require more data, minutes or sms’s. This added benefit gives you the ability to change things as you need to and as your needs demand.

Each of these discounts may sound like a little based on the monthly amount, but if you consider it based on the full term of the contract, you can see it actually saves you quite a bundle. For example, if you take the Samsung Galaxy S3 at the discounted rate, you save R50 per month. In 24 months, you’ve saved R1200! All that saving and you still get such a snazzy phone and a reasonable package, it’s an obvious choice!

Signing up for one of these contracts is quick and simple. Just pick the one you want, call them up, visit a Vodacom store, or sign up online. You can find more information on the sale and other details on Vodacom’s website at http://www.vodacom.co.za/personal/main/augustsale. If you’re having trouble with any of the details or need advice on which package best suits you, don’t hesitate to contact Vodacom; their staff are always polite and ready to offer helpful tips and can answer any questions you may have regarding a contract. You can contact them on 082 178 44. Vodacom help lines are open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday (excluding public holidays. If there’s something you don’t understand, make sure you take the time to ask them and understand clearly all of the terms of the contract before you sign for anything. 24 months is a long time!

If you’re already with Vodacom and you’re due for an upgrade, you too can benefit from these great savings! You can upgrade online, in store or by phone. It’s quick and easy and can save you loads, so get it done before the sale is over.