The BlackBerry Torch, the flagship device from Research In Motion has caused a significant amount of hype showcasing the highly anticipated BlackBerry 6 operating system, the only slider-phone BlackBerry and the first BlackBerry to feature a touch screen and a 5 mega-pixel camera.
This new competition on the smart phone offers a smooth sliding action to produce a perfectly balanced phone with a stylized and glossy front.

The keyboard on the BlackBerry Torch is still fashioned on the ever efficient and popular Querty keyboards, and offers ergonomic usability for users comfortable with this trusted layout. The BlackBerry Torch provides the features of a smart phone with the added convenience of keyboard for users who have the need for a physical keyboard.

The touch screen experience with the BlackBerry Torch is directed more at the smart phone users who are accustomed to touch screens that donít click with the BlackBerry 6 operating system allowing the Torch to deliver a very smooth user experience, including support for gestures including tap, pinch, slide, touch and hold and double tap. Users can customise the feel of the touch screen by adjusting the Tap Interval, Hover Period and Swipe Sensitivity via the Options menu.

The new BlackBerry Operating System, version 6.0, is probably the most impressive aspect of the BlackBerry Torch with a user interface that has been redesigned with new features to provide superior usability to the user, particularly from key business features such as e-mail, calendaring, and contact management. board

The appearance of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 is a combination of industrial and sleek, designed to offer a reliable phone that gets the job done with the feel and look of a BlackBerry as users have come to know them. The horizontally-ribbed battery door cover provides the feel of a quality tool feeling while the smooth well designed slider mechanism clicks into place effortlessly without the top heavy feeling that is experienced with other slider phones.

The BlackBerry Torch is fitted with a 624MHz processor which is lower than the 1GHz of its competitors in the smart phone market, although this does not create a sluggish experience for users, as the operating system is not as demanding and the lower MHz is also positive news for the battery life.

The GSM chipset delivers great worldwide connectivity as with most BlackBerry phones, while the 512MB internal memory provides for more room for app space and helps run the BlackBerry 6 smoothly and the additional 4GB of built-in storage provides space for music and movie files.
The BlackBerry Torch is not limited to the 4GB microSD card for external memory and users can expand to a 32GB card if necessary, even while the device is running, as there is no need to remove the battery first.

The BlackBerry Torch is the first BlackBerry to feature a five megapixel camera that offers continuous auto-focus, face detection and geo-tagging and provides photos of a high enough quality and accuracy when printed. The BlackBerry Torchís unpretentious yet quality tool feel, and overall pleasing hardware experience produces a phone that can stand up against the smart phones in the market.

One of the key design priorities of BlackBerry 6 includes changes to the home screen, including the navigation bar, universal search option, notification preview and the addition of views to the home screen. The default views are: All, Favorites, Media, Downloads and Frequent. Users can set how many icons are showing by dragging the navigation bar up or down, and can set web pages as home screen shortcuts.
The notification preview allows users to glance at incoming messages and upcoming appointments and jump directly to them while the universal search feature allows users to simply start typing on the keyboard and universal search immediately begins displaying the results.

The BlackBerry Torch also boasts a new Social Feeds app which brings social networks and IM clients – AIM, BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, Google Talk, MySpace, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger – together in one place that’s easy to view either altogether or individually and new posts can be posted to one or all services in one move.

The BlackBerry Torch is a welcome addition to the smart phone market with a consumer product that not only offers the best of BlackBerry services, but offers a worthy device for any potential smart phone owner.