Samsung’s answer to the iPhone 5 and Blackberry Z10 and Q10, the Galaxy S4 is without a doubt one of the best, smart phones currently available. Even the most faithful iPhone (iPhone 5 cell c deals) and Blackerry lovers have to admit that the S4 offers everything you could want in a smart phone and more. It’s sleek design, elegant interface and state of the art technology gives it the edge in this competitive market. To mention of few of its features, the phone has a full HD super AMOLED screen, a 1.9GHz quad core processor, and Android operating system, between 16 & 63 GB memory, 2 GB RAM, a 13 Mega pixel camera and an additional 2 Mega pixel camera. If you skipped through the last few sentences looking for something you actually understood, here is what you should know about the S4 – you’ll love it!
South African service providers are keen to meet the demand for the S4, with Cell C (all cell c cellphone contract deals) currently offering 4 different S4 contract deals.
Firstly, the Straight Up 100 S4 package is a 24 month contract that costs R399 per month. This package is the cheapest of the four contracts on offer with Cell C and includes 100 minutes, 100 sms’s and 1024MB of data. This is the package for entry level customers looking for value for money as well as a great phone. If you don’t make many calls with your cell phone and don’t sms very much, this package works perfectly.
Next in line is the Straight Up 200, which is 24 months long and costs R499 per month. The deal includes 200 minutes, 200 sms’s and 1024MB of data. If you’re using your phone for data more than phoning, this is a great deal for you, without having to pay extra, you’re still getting the same amount of data that you would with a bigger package.
Thirdly, the Straight Up 400 contract is a slightly more expensive deal at R649 per month over 24 months includes 400 minutes, 400 sms’s and 1024MB of data. With this package you’re still getting the same amount of data than on cheaper contracts with Cell C for the S4, but you’re getting more air time and sms’s, so if you call and sms more than you use the internet, consider this package.
And finally, at the most expensive side of the list is the Straight Up 800 package with 24 month contract which includes 800 minutes, 800 sms’s and 1024MB of data. This package is most effective for those who use their phones to call and sms more than anything else. If you use your phone for business and call people all the time, this is probably the package for you.
All Cell C contract customers receive 99c per minute on per second billing, discounted rates on Cell C to Cell C calls and one of the fastest internet services in the country. Cell C is one of the 3 main cell phone service providers in South Africa and offers widespread service throughout the country – so it’s a great option if you’re looking for a cellphone contract.
When shopping around for phones, it’s important to remember that the contracts are a big commitment and you’ll probably be signing a contract for 2 years. This means that you need to be sure that you can handle it and that you find the right contract for your needs as well as your budget. The best way to do this is to look at a variety of different companies to see what contracts are available and which offer the best value for money.
Other companies currently offering similar contracts for the Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone include MTN and Vodacom.
At the end of the day, if you’re getting an S4, don’t forget the most important thing – you’re getting an awesome phone that you’ll be able to play with for hours and hours!