You can’t listen to the radio for five minutes these days without hearing something about cellphone contracts and packages. Be it that you’re paying too much, you need a new phone or you’re with the wrong service provider, sometimes it feels like you just can’t win. There’s so much mumbo jumbo about all the different pricing structures and everything, you really don’t know what to take seriously anymore. Navigating the maze of cellphone package structuring is a nightmare; when you find one at the right price it’s got the wrong phone, and when it’s the right phone it’s got a VERY wrong price!
Cell C (all Cell C cellphone contracts) has heard this concern and are about to launch a new product called Straight Up Infinity, which offers contract customers a 24 month contract for R999 per month where customers can choose the smart phone they want, including the iPhone 5, Blackberry Q10 and Galaxy S4 (Samsung Galaxy S4 Cell C contracts). Often smart phone contracts don’t offer customers enough data in the package to cope with the usual usage one would need, and so Cell C have stepped up again and are also including 3GB of data in the deal. This is primarily targeted to appeal to smart phone customers, so if you love smart phones and want a package that includes everything you need, this is a great package.

Whether the price is high or not depends entirely on how much you spend on your phone bill each month. If you’re spending this on a regular basis, it’s worth changing to a package that offers so much more. However, if you don’t spend that much, then it might be better find a smaller package that offers the exact phone you want. All the usual Cell C bonuses are included in the Straight Up Infinity deal, including Cell C to Cell C calls, 99c billing for other local and international (54 countries) calls. The out of bundle data rate is charged at 15c per MB, so even if you go over your limit it’s not a huge problem.
In comparison, paying around the same rate with other service providers for a smart phone could get you:
A white Apple iPhone 5 with 24 month subscription, per second billing, 400 inclusive minutes, 400MB data, 800 inclusive sms’s. (all iPhone 5 cell c contracts)
A black Apple iPhone 5 with 24 month subscription, per second billing, 700 inclusive minutes, 700MB data, and limitless sms’s.
Although we can see here that competitors aren’t currently offering the same value or choice, you never know what they’ll do next. You might sign up for a contract with Cell C today to realise tomorrow that Vodacom has upped their game and is offering the same deal at a more reasonable price. It‘s important therefore to bide your time before signing a contract, and wait until you’re fully satisfied that you’re getting good value for money.
Actually, if you have a look at the Cell C’s other deals on offer, there is a Supercharge pre paid option available for R500 which includes R500 airtime, unlimited on net calls (Cell C to Cell C), 1 GB of data and 1000 sms’s. This is not a contract package so it doesn’t include the smart phone, however, if you already have a smart phone and want a package that can deal with the data usage at a much more affordable price, this is a great option.
Whether the Cell C Infinity package is the one for you depends on what you require from your package. If you really want the choice between smart phones, or need a large amount of data it’s a great package. If R999 is much higher than you’re paying now, and you can manage without the extra data, you can probably find a much more affordable package with the smart phone you want.
Before you sign the next 24 months away on a contract, think long and hard about what you want and need and you’ll be well on your way to finding the right package for you!